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First Assembly of God in Conroe, Texas was established in 1923.  Many pastors served the conservative, evangelical church during the years prior to February 1983 when Pastor Lloyd Maddoux accepted the invitation as Senior Pastor.  Pastor and Mrs. Maddoux began feeling the vision and great need for a Christian School to be established in the community.

Through this vision, Lifestyle Christian School was birthed in January 1985.  Several families in the church approached Pastor Maddoux with the request for providing a Christian School for their children for the remainder of the school year.  These families had been involved in Christian Education but had become displaced through difficult circumstances.  Lifestyle Christian School began with eight students and one teacher.  Enrollment was limited to only the families of these eight students until Lifestyle Christian School officially opened with a traditional classroom setting in the fall of 1985.

The vision of Lifestyle Christian School was based on the three-fold cord of family, church, and school.  As an extension of the home,  Lifestyle Christian School’s mission was to make disciples.  Lifestyle sought to enroll students whose families had made a commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior rather than as an evangelistic school.  These students would be taught a LIFESTYLE reflecting Jesus Christ and God’s Word.   Pastor Maddoux signed off each day on his radio broadcast with these words,  “Christianity is not a religion, but a lifestyle Jesus commanded us to live.”


The school enrollment for the first full year of instruction was forty students from K-5 through eighth grade.  Each year, growth came as the school gained credibility and favor in the community, and most importantly, the blessing of the Lord.  The enrollment increased from 96 in 1986 to 164 in 1987, 199 in 1988, 240 in 1989, and to 270 in 1990.  In 1992, Lifestyle reached its largest enrollment of 405 students as Lifestyle received a number of students when a small Christian school in the area closed.

At that point, yearly tuition for a student was averaging $1400 per year.  We could not sustain the staffing needs without a substantial increase in tuition, which caused a decrease in enrollment to 340 students.  Enrollment in 2001 had decreased to 230 students.  The normal struggles associated with Christian Schools were experienced  along with a church in a neighboring town beginning a Christian School.  This church had been carpooling their children to our school for several years.  At the end of 2001, our principal resigned and left Christian school ministry, which caused a shaking among the student body.  We have held steady around the 200 enrollment since that time and are beginning to see the prospect of growth numerically.

In 1989, Lifestyle Christian School graduated its first class of seniors.  This was also the year to receive accreditation status through Internation Christian Accrediting Association.   LCS received recognition with TEPSAC in 1990.  In 1995, Lifestyle also received accreditation with Association of Christian Teachers and Schools, the accrediting association of the Assemblies of God.  The school has continued in compliance with accrediting standards to this current time.


Conroe, located in Montgomery County, is a fast growing community of approximately 57,000 people.  The population of the County exceeds 430,000 and is expected to exceed 500,000 before 2013.  Demographic information includes 81.4% white, 12.6% Hispanic, 3.5% Black, and others.  The population is comprised mostly of middle to upper class business people.  The largest percentage of people in the county are in the age bracket from 25 to 34 and the average household is 2.84 people.  The people of Montgomery County are very active in their churches, schools, and community.  Montgomery County has over 3,100 students in private schools in grades 1-8.  The County lists over 1,400 students from 9-12 grades in private school. This information allows us to see there is a great opportunity for a Christian school.

First Assembly of God is involved in many ministries in the community.  The growth and development of Lifestyle Christian School and First Assembly of God are closely woven together.


With the growth of the school and the church, the body soon found the need for additional facilities.   In 1991, a church facility located at 1001 Wilson Rd. was purchased and converted into an elementary campus and gymnasium.   In 1993,  two portable buildings were added to the Hillcrest location providing four very much needed large classrooms for the secondary classes.

The leadership of First Assembly began looking for property where a master complex could be developed to needs all of the needs of the growing ministry.  In September of 1996,  twenty-five acres on I-45 was purchased for this purpose.  The land was cleared and some ground work      was done when the work came to a halt as a result of a legal issue concerning drainage.  During this time, the body realized their original plans were limited in usage and new plans were developed.

The property on Wilson Rd. was sold and was rented back for a couple of years, then both campus were combined at the main facility on Hillcrest.   The Hillcrest property was sold and we made an agreement to rent back the facility for one year while the new owners sold their property.  Work on our new facility was underway but the building was not completed when we had to make a move.  In June, 2006, we moved all of the ministries into a 92,000 square foot construction site where we worked weekly to complete areas and obtain occupancy permits to conduct ministry.  In the fall of 2006, Lifestyle Christian School began classes in the present facility located at 3993 I-45 North.    As more rooms were completed and occupancy permits issued, classes were moved upstairs for  the secondary students.  Through fundraisers and gifts, the gymnasium flooring was installed last spring and we have enjoyed  this blessings.  We are continuing to open up additional classes as the funds are available and look forward to the day when the large computer lab and library are completed.

Lifestyle Christian School has developed an area for the elementary playground and has furnished it with appropriate equipment.  An areas has been developed for the soccer field and an area for  a baseball field will soon be competed.

We have been abundantly blessed with our current facility which more than meets our needs and also gives us the opportunity for growth.

Pat Maddoux
Conroe First Assembly/ Lifestyle Christian School